XCloner Automatic Restore! - b4travel.net

1. Install directory: (server path where you want to restore your backup)

2.Install Url: (the url correspondent of your Install directory:)

3. Choose backup archive to restore:
Mysql server:
Mysql username:
Mysql password:
Mysql database:
Data encoding:
Skip files restore
Restore files permissions
Restore by using the server utilities(tar)
Incremental transfer

Ftp server: :
Ftp username:
Ftp password:
Ftp upload path:
ftp root path of where the backup will be restored

*after hitting submit please wait for the package to get unarchived and transfered through ftp if it is the case!
Security Note: After restore delete the XCloner.php script from your server

XCloner Automatic Restore(3.0.1) - Website Backup and Restore